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Charter Schools

The Office’s Accounting Services Division has issued new and revised Charter School Travel FAQs for updated travel reimbursement rates which became effective 10/1/15 and to provide additional travel policy information.

Travel FAQs

Please remember that if your school’s travel policies differ from State policy or include specific rates rather than incorporating the State travel policy rates by reference, you will need to obtain governing board approval before using the new reimbursement rates.

We updated policy information in the Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona Charter Schools (USFRCS) Travel section and have superseded USFRCS Memorandum No. 72 as relevant information was incorporated into the USFRCS and FAQs. Schools will be notified by email of any changes to the meal allowance and lodging reimbursement rates, or mileage rates set forth by the Arizona Department of Administration.

Information provided by Arizona Office of the Auditor General.

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